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General inquiries about all of our scooters.

Where can I find my scooter's serial number?

If you purchased your scooter after October 2020, you should have a unique identifying serial number for your scooter.    Most scooters should have the serial number printed on the bottom of the deck of the scooter, although you can also find it prin

Can I get a list of all the advanced settings?

Below is our list of all the advanced/P-settings that you can access on most Apollo Scooters with a standard trigger throttle display:     To access your advanced settings, hold the 'Power' and 'Mode' buttons together for 2-3 seconds while the scoot

Réglages/Paramètres De L'Ecran Trotinette

Voici comment régler le menu de l'écran de votre trotinette. Ceci s'applique à le Apollo Light, City, Explore, et Ghost.      P1 : Luminosité de l'écran LCD, 1-3 P2 : Unités km/mi P3 : Tension de la batterie, (Light : 48 ; City : 48 ; Explore : 52 ;

My brand new scooter (Apollo Air 2022/City 2022/City Pro 2022) doesn't move. What should I do?

The most likely reason the throttle may not engage the motor of one of our app-enabled scooter models can be because the scooter has kickstart mode enabled in the app settings. What this means is that you need to kick the scooter forward to be able t

Where can I install the Apollo Bag on my scooter?

Our Apollo Bag is a universal design that fits all of our scooter models. Depending on your preference and the position of your other accessories, this design allows you to customize your layout to your liking! To give you some ideas, we've included

Are Apollo scooters waterproof?

All of our scooters are IP54 water resistant. This translates into withstanding occasional light rain and riding on wet surfaces, but we recommend avoiding riding in wet conditions if it is avoidable.  Please note that any scooters that are damage by

Can electric scooters be used in winter?

We don't recommend riding directly on the snow as the warranty does not cover water damage. However, if roads are properly maintained, you can ride in winter. Keep in mind that your scooter is "water-resistant" and not "water-proof", therefore prolon

What is the difference between Mechanical and Hydraulic Brakes?

Certain models in our lineup have the option of being purchased with mechanical brakes or hydraulic brakes. Therefore, it is important to know these differences when choosing the right scooter for you!What is the difference? Hydraulic brakes and mech

What size are the brake pads? Can I get brake pads from other sources?

The brake pads we sell on our scooters are of standard sizes, and can be procured from other sources with matching sizes! The three main sizes our brake pads come in are below.   Size 11C: (aka Front City/Front Explore) Apollo City (front caliper)

Can I purchase a spare battery for extra mileage?

If you're looking at purchasing a new scooter, or maybe you already have one, but you want extra range, you're probably wondering if you can purchase and use an extra battery to extend your mileage.    The short answer to this is: yes and no.    Whil

How do I change the units from metric/kilometres (km) to imperial/miles?

Unit changes are accomplished via the advanced settings on our scooters! The steps are as follows: 1. Turn the scooter on 2. Hold down on both the mode and power buttons for 3-4 seconds until P01 appears on the screen 3. Press the power button once t

Do I Need a Fast Charger?

The fast charger is a great option and very useful in the case where you need a quick, emergency charge.    However, do you need one? Not necessarily.    If you charge your scooter semi-regularly and follow the proper guidelines, the standard charger

Why does my charger spark or have a popping sound when plugging it into the scooter?

This is caused by residual energy from the capacitor inside the charger which reduces the output ripple of the charger to protect the battery. When the charger is disconnected from the AC power source, the energy (voltage) stored inside the capacitor

What type of lubricant should I use on my scooter?

Practicing regular maintenance on your scooter is essential in order to keep it performing at its absolute best! There are areas, such as the suspension and bearings which will require the use of lubrication.   Here are our technical team's recommend

I found a loose grub screw in my Apollo Ghost box, where does it go?

If you find a loose grub screw in your Apollo Ghost box and you are wondering what it is for; It is a spare grub screw used to secure the key ignition box in place and should be installed in the area indicated in the pictures below: The silver spacer

What kind of throttle/display does Apollo use? What is the throttle/display's part number? (LCD Display Throttle)

The throttle and display sets on the Apollo Light, City, Explore, Ghost, Pro, and Ultra are QS-S4 throttles! The QS-S4 throttle looks like this: The QS-S4 throttle comes with a USB port in the rear for charging and firmware purposes. Our throttles a

How long do Apollo scooters last for?

We measure the overall life of a scooter as the life of the battery, the first major component that will have to be replaced! Depending on style of usage, you can expect to have parts replaced at varying times.  All parts below are replaceable. All n

Which toolkit is compatible with my scooter?

From April 2021 and so on, we only offer toolkits for the Apollo Phantom. All the other scooters we sell come with a multitool as part of the scooter's package. Unfortunately if you add a toolkit to your order of a non-Phantom scooter, we may remove

Is it a problem if I am over the max-load of the scooter I'd like to get?

It is not recommended to exceed the maximum load as it will negatively affect the driving performance. It would affect the performance by putting more strain on the suspension and motor, lowering top speeds and overall range, and increase the chances

Are Electric Scooters Legal?

Different provinces/states/Cities have different laws in place to govern the use of single rider mobility devices. Please check with your local regulators - for Canada, here's a video giving an overview of the laws by province and an article with mor

What brand of hydraulic brakes do your scooters use? What type of hydraulic fluid do they use?

We have used two different brands of hydraulic brakes on our scooters: ZOOM brakes, present on most hydraulic Apollo Pro units (both 52v and 60v) NUTT brakes, present on the hydraulic Phantom (as of April 2021) and some older Apollo Pro units Both

How do I turn on my Apollo Pro 2020 Ludo? Also, where is the display for it?

It is good to know that the Apollo Pro Ludicrous doesn't come with a display or Key.  To turn it on,  the power button is at the base of the deck in the front - it looks like a front light!    As an alternative to the display, there are apps that you

Can I ride my scooter in winter? Operating Temperature for Scooters

The ideal temperature to operate our e-scooters is between 32°F/0°C and 95°F/35°C. Riding below 32°F/0°C will lower the battery charge (lower range) and above 95°F/35°C may lead to overheating of the motor(s). If your motor is overheating, the soluti

What's the difference between the Explore and the City?

The Apollo Explore and City are both single-motor commuter scooters with a similar design - although these scooters are visually similar, the Explore is a larger scooter than the City with improved performance, and the City is lighter and more compac

What is the difference between Apollo and Zero Scooters?

We like to answer this question by first saying that we thought Zero was a fantastic foundation, but being a Singaporean brand, the quality standards were made for and controlled by the Asian markets. In Canada and the US, customers expect better QC,

Are mechanical brakes powerful enough for my scooter?

We offer some scooters (the Apollo Ghost and Apollo Phantom as of this writing) with both mechanical (a.k.a regular) and hydraulic braking systems. While hydraulic braking does provide more braking power than mechanical brakes, rest assured that the

What kind of tires do Apollo scooters have?

Most of our current Apollo Scooter models (City 2021, Explore, Ghost V2, Phantom V2) have tubed, pneumatic, vulcanized rubber tires on a split rim design! We choose this for a combination of best traction and ease of repair - tubeless pneumatic tires

What do voltage (V), wattage (W), and ampere hours (Ah) mean? Why are the watts in the motor and battery different?

Our scooter's technical specifications and terms can be daunting to try and read and understand, especially for first-time riders! This guide will help explain what volts, watts, ampere hours, and watt hours are, what these specs mean and how they re

Why would someone choose the Phantom over the Ghost (and vice versa)?

Here we highlight the main differences between the Apollo Phantom and Ghost in an effort to help you decide which one is better suited for your needs.    Ghost:  Dual motors & up to 34 MPH speed. Up to 39 miles of range. 64LB weight & 300LB max

Are there injuries caused by driving Apollo scooters?

All purchasers & users of Apollo products are personally liable for any damages incurred to themselves or other individuals while using an Apollo product. Apollo Scooters is not responsible for any harm caused to the rider or the pedestrian. Please r

What is the Apollo Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit?

The Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit is Apollo's latest upgrade for our Phantom model!. The main changes from the V2 model are:. Consumer Benefits:. When purchasing the Upgrade Kit you will receive:. Can customers install it themselves? The V3 upgrade is desig

Which Apollo Scooter is best for bigger/heavier riders?

We often get asked which of our scooters is best for bigger/heavier riders. A rider's weight can play a significant factor in their riding experience, so we're glad to help provide this additional information for our prospective users! To help you de

Which charger is compatible with my Ghost scooter?

The regular Charger compatible with the Ghost is the same one for the Explore/Pro found here: https://apolloscooters.co/products/apollo-city-charger?variant=31857045241907  The Fast Charger compatible with the Ghost is the same one for the Explore/Ph