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What is the Apollo Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit?Updated a year ago

The Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit is Apollo's latest upgrade for our Phantom model!

The main changes from the V2 model are:

  • An upgraded controller
  • An upgraded throttle
  • The addition of regenerative braking
  • An upgraded display
  • App compatibility
    • Bluetooth connection

Consumer Benefits:

  • Much smoother acceleration!
  • Higher top speed
  • Much better at low speed
  • Awesome regen braking. Barely need to use the mechanical brakes.
  • App Compatibility

What does the kit include? 

When purchasing the Upgrade Kit you will receive:

  1. New Display
  2. Regen + Acceleration Throttle
  3. Battery Adapter
  4. M1 controller
  5. Required tools
  6. How to installation video

How much does it cost? 

  • The cost is $399 USD/$499 CAD.


  • Compatible with Phantom V2 - 52V. 
  • With this increased performance, there will be limits to how much you can push the controller overheating can happen when going up a steep incline for extended periods of time or utilizing the regen brakes repeatedly without giving time for the controller to release the accumulated heat. The app will give you a heads up when coming close to the safe maximum temperature and will throttle down once the maximum allowable temperature is reached, temporarily reducing the performance until the controller temperature returns to normal levels. This potential issue will only apply to the upgrade kit since the V3 production model will have additional cooling.

Can customers install it themselves? 
The V3 upgrade is designed to be a plug-and-play system for self installation. Connecting the new display, ergonomic throttles and controller, can be done in under an hour by an experienced mechanic.

  • Please review the video below to assess if you feel comfortable performing the upgrade yourself. We do not recommend customers without repair/maintenance experience to do this upgrade, as any short circuit or issues caused by poor installation will void your warranty.
  • If you are located in LA or NYC you can always go to your nearest repair center to help you with the installation process. Please note the installation costs are not included in the price of the upgrade kit. 


  • The warranty provided by Apollo will be respected if the installation is carried out by one of Apollo's Service Centers or done successfully by a customer. If done by the customer, any damaged component caused by the installation process will not be covered by Apollo and will void the warranty. 

Phantom V3 Production Model

  • The Apollo Phantom V3 production models will be released in 2023. Please stay tuned for more updates! 
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