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Limited Warranty, Returns & Apollo+ Services Policies and claims instructions.

4 categories • 1 article
Shipping FAQs

Shipping locations, timelines, tracking, and more.

1 category • 9 articles
Scooter FAQs

General inquiries about all of our scooters.

33 articles
Repair & Troubleshooting

Repair servicing solutions, troubleshooting instructions, and lots of repair videos!

4 categories
Maintenance & Basic Care

Maintenance guides and tips to keep your scooter on the road and out of the repair shop!

16 articles
Apollo App

Information about the Apollo App - Take full control of your commute with Nav. System, Smart Dashboard, Ride Analytics, and more!

21 articles
Set Up Guides

Follow these guides & tips to get your Apollo scooter ready for a fun and safe ride.

11 articles
Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals for each of our models.

15 articles