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What's the difference between the Explore and the City?Updated a year ago

The Apollo Explore and City are both single-motor commuter scooters with a similar design - although these scooters are visually similar, the Explore is a larger scooter than the City with improved performance, and the City is lighter and more compact than the Explore. You can think of the Explore as a larger, more powerful, and beefier version of the City! Points of comparison include:

  • 600W City motor vs 1000W Explore Motor
  • 40kph City top speed vs 50kph Explore top speed
  • 45km City range vs 55km Explore range
  • 7"/18cm wide City deck vs 9"/23cm wide Explore deck
  • 39lbs/17.5kg City weight vs 52lbs/23.5kg Explore weight

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