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Why does my charger spark or have a popping sound when plugging it into the scooter?Updated a year ago

This is caused by residual energy from the capacitor inside the charger which reduces the output ripple of the charger to protect the battery.

When the charger is disconnected from the AC power source, the energy (voltage) stored inside the capacitor will remain for 10-15 seconds and get released to 0V. When it connects back to the charging port on the scooter without plugged into the AC power source, the battery inside the scooter outputs the voltage to charge the capacitor inside the charger and that creates a spark at the contact point for a split second. Once the capacitor has the energy (voltage) stored in it, the spark won’t appear until the energy is completely released from it.

Plugging your charger into the wall first before plugging it into the scooter is the best practice to avoid sparks or popping.

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