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Are Electric Scooters Legal?Updated a year ago

Different provinces/states/Cities have different laws in place to govern the use of single rider mobility devices. Please check with your local regulators - for Canada, here's a video giving an overview of the laws by province and an article with more up to date information. Regardless of whether you choose to ride a scooter in a province that has or has not legalised them, we ask you to prioritise wearing a helmet, riding in bike lanes, and always following the rules of the road. By purchasing a scooter from us, you accept our terms and conditions, and confirm that all research regarding the legal status of electric scooters is the customers' responsibility.


This guide will show you how to find out the state of e-scooter legality in your jurisdiction (this is from a third party source and we do not take liability for the credibility of this information):



To be extra safe, please follow the following steps:


STEP 1: Consult online resources

E-scooter law changes often make the news, and most jurisdictions have an online legal code database. These tools are often the most comprehensive, but are occasionally misleading - different laws apply to different classes of scooters, such as sit-down scooters and rentals.


STEP 2: Consult a legal expert

Online resources (including this one) do not count as qualified legal council. Talking to a lawyer or another expert may clarify the status of e-scooter laws in your area.


STEP 3: Consult rider experience

The people with the most familiarity with e-scooter laws are people in your area who ride e-scooters! Reach out to a local club or riding group and see what they say.

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]

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