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What kind of tires do Apollo scooters have?Updated a year ago

Most of our current Apollo Scooter models (City 2021, Explore, Ghost V2, Phantom V2) have tubed, pneumatic, vulcanized rubber tires on a split rim design! We choose this for a combination of best traction and ease of repair - tubeless pneumatic tires can't go on split rims, meaning more difficult flat repairs, and provide slightly less traction than tubed tires. Hard tires mean no flats ever, but are complicated to take on/off, and provide a much bumpier ride and way less traction than pneumatic tires.

Please note that our tubed tires are not pre-slimed, nor do we offer the service of installing Slime or other tire sealants before shipping. Slime does provide some protection on our tires, but only a slight amount, as tire sealants are largely designed for tires without inner tubes.

Our newer models such as the City 2022 and City Pro 2022 are offered with self-healing tubeless tires, which have a gel inside that instantly seals punctures in the tire! This awesome new feature will prevent most puncture-caused flat tires.

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]

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