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Can electric scooters be used in winter?Updated 2 years ago

We don't recommend riding directly on the snow as the warranty does not cover water damage. However, if roads are properly maintained, you can ride in winter. 

Keep in mind that your scooter is "water-resistant" and not "water-proof", therefore prolonged exposure to snow is not recommended. Please note that condensation caused by using the scooter in cold weather and immediately exposing it to warmer air indoors can also cause moisture to build up inside the scooter. 

Additionally, your battery's ability to hold a charge will be affected by the low temperature - you will notice a drop in range. This is not a permanent problem and your battery's capabilities should return to normal once the temperature increases back to 10-20 degrees Celsius. 

Finally, be particularly cautious of turning - scooters are two-wheeled vehicles and slipping is particularly dangerous.

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