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Where can I find my scooter's serial number?Updated a year ago

Where Can I Find My Serial Number?

If you purchased your scooter after October 2020, you should have a unique identifying serial number for your scooter. 

Most scooters should have the serial number printed on the bottom of the deck of the scooter, although you can also find it printed on the box as pictured below: 



How Do I Read the Serial Number?

The serial number for this specific scooter is City2101101 with "City" being the model of the scooter. Other scooters will have their model number printed accordingly. The serial may then include a product variant identifier like H or 60V. The next 4 digits, 2101, are the production date code. The first 2 digits are the year produced and the next 2 digits indicate the production month.

The remaining digits at the end of the serial number string are the unique unit identifiers.

Please note that unless your scooter is registered in the Apollo App, we do not keep a handy list of all serial numbers, so it's best to mark this number down in a secure place as soon as you receive your scooter.

SKU Code

The code above - Apo/Cit/48V/13ah/NA - is the SKU for the scooter, and is will be the same for all other scooters of the same spec and model. So this will not be useful for a unique identifying code. 

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]

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