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What is the difference between Mechanical and Hydraulic Brakes?Updated 2 years ago

Certain models in our lineup have the option of being purchased with mechanical brakes or hydraulic brakes. Therefore, it is important to know these differences when choosing the right scooter for you!

What is the difference?

Hydraulic brakes and mechanical disc brakes both have the same essential braking mechanism: You pull on a handle, which compresses a caliper around a disc on your scooter's wheels. With mechanical brakes, that caliper is actuated by your brake handle pulling on a reinforced steel line, and with hydraulic brakes, the caliper is actuated by adding pressure to a thin tube filled with hydraulic fluid (mineral oil in this case). The practical difference is that mechanical brakes are cheaper and have more points of potential adjustment, whereas hydraulic brakes require less day-to-day maintenance and have more stopping power


If you have any additional questions regarding these two brake variants, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected] 

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