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My Apollo City 2022 has a flat out of the box- what should I do?

Your Apollo City/City Pro 2022 can sometimes come with a flat tire out of the box. The most likely explanation is that the tire just needs to be reseated, but we've also included a couple of troubleshooting steps below. Option 1 : The tire not filled

My charger light is green, but the battery level bar still says it's empty! Why is that?

Sometimes it can be hard to know who to trust these days. Do you trust your charger, or the display?    This article will help you determine which one is most accurate, and which one is less accurate to you by running through a couple different optio

I'm not getting enough range/mileage out of my scooter, what can I do? (Advanced Setting Adjustment for Apollo Light/City/Explore/Pro 2020-21, Ghost/Phantom)

One common reason for not getting enough range out of your scooter is if the battery voltage shut-off setting is too high. This setting controls when your scooter shuts down if the battery levels get too low (so the battery doesn't completely drain).

My suspension is squeaking - what should I do?

In order to keep your scooter performing at its best, general maintenance is required - even if relatively new. One of these indicators to show that some basic maintenance is needed is when your suspension begins to make noise.   If this is the case,

I cannot fold or unfold my Apollo scooter, what's the issue?

When brand new, Apollo scooters can be occasionally difficult to fold. The folding mechanism will "break-in" over time and folding will become easier to operate. A practice we always recommend to help with folding is applying pressure to the handleba

My Apollo scooter is not reaching the advertised speed - how can I fix it?

Each of the Apollo scooters comes with an LED controlled featuring three gears. Each gear limits the top speed - Gear 1 has the lowest top speed, while Gear 3 is the maximum. Simply press the "Mode" button on your controller to switch gears. If this

I need to send in pictures/videos of my issue, but files are too large to attach! - How can I do this?

If visuals (pictures, video) are too large to attach by chat/email, you can use this website - https://wetransfer.com - to upload these files! It's super easy and free!1. Once on the website, you will want to click on the blue plus (+) sign, then sel

Je dois envoyer des photos/vidéos de mon problème, mais les fichiers sont trop volumineux pour être joints ! - Quoi faire?

Si les visuels (photos, vidéo) sont trop volumineux pour être joints par chat/email, vous pouvez utiliser ce site Web - https://wetransfer.com - pour télécharger ces fichiers ! C'est super simple et gratuit !. 1. Une fois sur le site Web, vous devrez

Why are my brake lights flashing? - there's a red exclamation point on my display, and when I pull on throttle nothing happens!

* This article is for scooter model equipped with QS-S4 display throttle like the legacy model Ghost v1/v2, Light 2021, City 2021 and Explore 2020/2021. While this issue may seem dramatic at first, it actually has a very simple cause and can be easil

My charging port is damaged (Light/City/Explore/Pro 2020-21 scooter won't turn on!) - How to fix?

Charging ports can get damaged due to accidents, including dropping the scooter on its side. These issues are generally easy to fix, and we can supply parts to help. Here are some recommendations to help get this issue fixed as quickly and as effec

Why is one of my motors is not working? (Ghost/Pro 2020/Phantom troubleshooting steps)

The following troubleshooting steps will help resolve issue with one motor not working. For your safety, be sure to elevate the scooter on a box, stand, or chair so that the wheels are not touching the ground for the following steps. * Please note th

Why won't my key ignition turn on the scooter and why is the center key portion loose?

Please note that this guide also applies to the Apollo Pro, Apollo Phantom, or any other scooter with a similar key ignition style.   If your key ignition has come loose, it is likely due to the barrel of the key not being properly aligned with the h

Why am I not reaching the advertised range/mileage? Troubleshooting for App-Enabled Apollo Scooters

If you are not getting enough range and you believe there may be an issue with your app-enabled scooter (Air/Air Pro 2021, Air 2022, City 2022) here is what you can do to get the issue troubleshot:. It is important to keep in mind that Range can be h

Can I remove the battery from my scooter? (Battery reset/replacement guide)

With a little bit of time, and effort the batteries in all of our scooters are removeable! This guide will show you how to reset and remove the battery in your scooter.   To access the battery, you start by opening the deck. You can follow steps 1-4

Questions about the Phantom Stem Bolt

In some isolated cases of heavy scooter use and minimal maintenance, the bolt may become loose which then subjects the bolt to forces not typically experienced during normal scooter use. This article explains a recommendation for replacing the bolt.

Apollo Phantom Voluntary Safety Recall (US ONLY)

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Apollo Scooters is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall of Phantom V1, V2, and 60V models.