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Can I remove the battery from my scooter? (Battery reset/replacement guide)Updated a year ago

For battery replacements, we highly recommend having this done by one of our repair locations, but if you are comfortable with this type of repair, then you can follow this guide. Please be aware that damage due to an improper battery replacement is not covered under the warranty. 

With a little bit of time, and effort the batteries in all of our scooters are removable! This guide will show you how to reset and remove the battery in your scooter. 

Note: This guide best applies to the following scooters: City 2020-21, Explore 2020-21, Ghost, and Pro 2020 although the general process can also be applied to other models. 


1. Make sure your scooter is turned off and is not plugged into a charger. 

2. To access the battery, you start by opening the deck. You can follow steps 1-4 in this video to properly remove the top of the deck;

3. Open the board as seen in the video linked above and find the large connection circled below:

3. To reset the battery, unplug this connection and plug it back in. To remove the battery, start by unplugging this connection - you should then be able to lift the battery out of the deck.


Recap on how to replace the battery:

1. Follow the steps above and remove the old battery

2. Plug the new battery in and place it in the well of the deck 

3. Follow the steps above in reverse to close the deck up

Once this repair process is complete, we highly recommend fully charging the scooter in order to ensure everything is in working order. If you need further assistance at any point in time, kindly let us know and we'll look into possible arrangements.

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]

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