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My suspension is squeaking - what should I do?Updated 6 months ago

In order to keep your scooter performing at its best, general maintenance is required - even if relatively new. One of these indicators to show that some basic maintenance is needed is when your suspension begins to make noise. 

If this is the case, here are some tips to help:

1) Apply lubrication to the suspension area. It is important to use a generous amount and ensure that the lubrication is in fact entering the suspension. Don't be afraid to step on your scooter after applying the lubricant to help it spread within the components and to see if this worked or if more lubrication is needed.

For model specific tips, see 2:37 on our General Maintenance video.


2) Ensure that you're using the correct brand of lubricant. We recommend using  silicone-based or lithium-based spray lubricant such as Jig-A-Loo or CRC, however any similar brand should do the trick!


If you still have any additional questions regarding this, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]  


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