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I need to send in pictures/videos of my issue, but files are too large to attach! - How can I do this?Updated 6 months ago

If visuals (pictures, video) are too large to attach by chat/email, you can use this website - https://wetransfer.com - to upload these files! It's super easy and free!

1. Once on the website, you will want to click on the blue plus (+) sign, then select the relevant files to upload. 

2. You'll want to make sure that the way to share these files will be by getting a transfer link. So, if the default sharing method is by email transfer; you'll want to click on the 3 blue dots that are encircled and located on the lower left-hand side, then select "Get Transfer Link". 

3. Last step is to click on the big blue "Get a Link" button, and then it will generate a link for you. You can then click on "Copy link" and then simply paste this link in your email message and our team will be able to access the files! That's it! 😀

If you have any questions about this or encounter any issues, let us know! Thank you. 
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