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Why am I not reaching the advertised range/mileage? Troubleshooting for App-Enabled Apollo ScootersUpdated 6 months ago

If you are not getting enough range and you believe there may be an issue with your app-enabled scooter (Air/Air Pro 2021, Air 2022, City 2022) here is what you can do to get the issue troubleshot: 

  1. Fully charge the scooter and take a screenshot of the battery level shown in the Apollo App
  2. Go for a ride and record the ride in the Apollo App - How do I record my ride on the Apollo App?
  3. Take a screenshot of the ride details from the ride history for our team to compare with the data in the Scooter Dashboard -  How do I see my past ride? (App) 
  4. Repeat this another 2 times minimum so that our team has enough data to determine the issue. 
  5. Send our team the screenshots that you took from steps 1 and 3 at [email protected] with a brief description of the issue you noticed. 

 It is important to keep in mind that Range can be heavily affected by a number of factors such as the rider's weight, speed, motor mode (single/dual), type of terrain, tire pressure, and weather.

  • The weight, size, and load could greatly affect the range. More load means more power has to be drawn over the course of the journey.
  • If your scooter is a dual-motor model, we recommend setting the scooter in dual-motor mode (sports mode) instead of single-motor mode, especially if riding in areas with hills. Using a dual-motor scooter in single-motor mode puts more stress on both the controller and motor to consume more power which can lead to less range and can lead to premature failure of these components over time. 
  • It may seem obvious but when you go uphill or off-road the motor will consume more energy to tackle the demanding terrain. The ideal surface to ride further is a relatively flat and smooth road. To save your battery power, be mindful of hills and steep sections, as well as speed bumps and the general condition of the road.
  • Make sure that your tire has the correct air pressure (PSI) every time you ride. An under-inflated tire is less stiff and its deformation is much higher, leading to a larger amount of heat dissipation and ultimately higher rolling resistance and poor range efficiency. An under-inflated tire is also more at risk of getting a flat. 
  • Lithium-ion batteries operate optimally at around 23°C. When the temperature drops, it is normal to experience a shorter range than normal when riding. Your scooter performance decreases due to extra energy demands on the battery. Riding in a headwind will also affect its performance. - Operating Temperature for Scooters
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