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I'm not getting enough range/mileage out of my scooter, what can I do? (Advanced Setting Adjustment for Apollo Light/City/Explore/Pro 2020-21, Ghost/Phantom)Updated 6 months ago

One common reason for not getting enough range out of your scooter is if the battery voltage shut-off setting is too high. This setting controls when your scooter shuts down if the battery levels get too low (so the battery doesn't completely drain). 

To read the full article on how to access your advanced settings and what each one should be set to, please click <here>

 To access your Battery Shut-Off Setting you will need to do the following:

1. While the scooter is on, press and hold the 'Power' and 'Mode' buttons together for 2-3 seconds until the screen changes.
2. Press the 'Power' button again until you reach P15, and use the 'Mode' button to adjust the P15 setting accordingly. 

The recommended shut-off setting range for each battery size is as follows:

  • 48V battery (Apollo Light & City): 39-41
  • 52V battery (Apollo Explore, Ghost, 52V Phantom): 42-44
  • 60V battery (60V Pro or Phantom variants): 49-50


If the P15 setting is correct but you're still not getting enough range, verify that your scooter is indeed fully charged when the charge light turns green. 

When fully charged, the voltage for each battery size is as follows:

  • 48V battery: 54.6
  • 52V battery: 58.8
  • 60V battery: 67.2

If your scooter is not fully charged (or within ~0.8V of the correct voltage), it could potentially be an issue with your charger. 

In that case, please take a picture of your scooter plugged in, with the charger light green, and include a picture of the "full" battery voltage. 

Please send an email with all pictures to our Support Team who will be happy to assist you.

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected] 

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