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Information about the Apollo App - Take full control of your commute with Nav. System, Smart Dashboard, Ride Analytics, and more!

Which scooters are compatible with the Apollo App?

This App is currently compatible by default with the Air, Air Pro, Air 2022, Air 2023, and City 2022 to City 2023 models. It will also be compatible with most of all of our new scooter models that will be released moving forward and with upgrade kits

How to install the Apollo App on your smartphone/device

Here are the multiple ways to download & install our app:. OS: You can search Apollo Scooters in the App Store or use this link.Android: You can search Apollo Scooters in the Google Play store or use this link. Alternatively, you can scan this QR cod

How do I set up the App with my Apollo Scooter?

This is a complete list of how to set up the App. Below are photos attached for most steps - the bulleted number on the left-side of each photo links to the same step; For example, Photo 3 is for Step 3. Steps. Photos2. 3. 4.

Why is Bluetooth not connecting?

If your Bluetooth is not connecting;. 1- Make sure the scooter isn't connected to any other devices. 2- Check that your scooter is compatible with the app. - Which scooters are compatible with the Apollo App?. 3- Check that your app version is up-to-

What to do if I can't find their serial number to set up the Apollo App with my scooter?

To complete the set up process of the Apollo App,  you will need to enter your scooter's serial number found under the outside of the deck of your scooter. It will need to be entered with respect to a specific letter order for the app to adapt to the

How can I add a new scooter to my list in the App?

Steps. Photos. Steps                   1-2                                                                                   3                                                                                     4

How can I change the name of my scooter in the Apollo App?

To change the name of your scooter in the app, follow these steps:. Steps. Photos.

Why is the App is displaying the wrong scooter model?

If the App is displaying the wrong scooter model, you'll want to do this to fix it:. Delete the scooter from the app and add it again. Make sure to enter the correct Serial # when re-adding the scooter. The most accurate way to do it is by scanning t

How to enable/disable kickstart mode in the App

1. Go on the app, then click on the 3 dots on the left side of the Ride button. 2. Click on the setting icon. 3. Scroll down and enable/disable the Kickstart option as you prefer. (With kickstart enabled, you will need to push the scooter forward for

How can I change my top speed in the App?

Steps:. Photos. 1. 2. 3. 4.

How can I change my acceleration and regen brake in the App?

Steps:. Photos. 1. 2. 3. 4. Having issues changing the acceleration or regen settings? - click here!

Why is the App is not letting me change my acceleration or regen settings?

If you having issues in changing your acceleration or regen settings in the app, you will simply need to update the firmware of your scooter. You can follow the steps below which are the same as the steps found in the article ''What does the red Dot

I forgot my PIN. What should I do?

If you forgot your PIN to unlock your scooter in the App, you can reach out to our team by Live Chat or by email at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to send your PIN to your email address.

How to change between Kilometers and Miles on the Apollo app

Step 1: Connect the scooter to the app. Step 2: Click on the "Account" button. Step 3: When you are in the account settings, click on "Unit of Measurement". Step 4: Choose your preferred "Unit of Measurement". Metric = KM. Imperial = Miles. For any a

How do I record my ride on the Apollo App?

There are 2 ways to record your ride in the Apollo App:. That's it!. To see your past recorded rides, go here - https://apollo-help-center.gorgias.help/en-US/how-do-i-see-my-past-rides-in-the-app-37490. For more help articles related to the Apollo Ap

How do I see my past rides in the App?

You can see all your rides logs by clicking on the icon at the complete lower-left side as seen in the pictures below. For more help articles related to the Apollo App, go here - https://apollo-help-center.gorgias.help/en-US/articles/apollo-app-9479.

How to check the App version installed on your smart device

For IOS. For Android. For help, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team at [email protected]

What does the Red Dot mean in the App? (Firmware Update Guide)

You might see a red dot on the bottom of your screen or your scooter list. This simply means that there is a software update available for your scooter. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU STAY CLOSE TO THE SCOOTER, DO NOT TURN OFF THE APP OR THE SCOOTER,

Why is the firmware update not installing in the App for my scooter?

If the App doesn't not let you install the available update to your scooter, this will mean that your scooter model's hardware is already as updated as it can be.  But, for any questions/help, you can reach out to our customer support team !. More in

How to input a new serial number (Phantom V3 Kit compatibility)

Process:. If a customer cannot successfully connect the app to their Phantom scooter with their current serial number, chances are they are using the barcode number instead of the actual Serial Number of their Phantom. In version 3.x of the Apollo Ap

How to factory reset scooter settings?

If you are encountering issues or simply seeking a fresh start, factory resetting the scooter settings can be a valuable solution. Here's a brief guide on how to perform a factory reset. For questions, feel free to reach out by Live Chat on our websi