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How do I set up the App with my Apollo Scooter?Updated 2 years ago

This is a complete list of how to set up the App. Below are photos attached for most steps - the bulleted number on the left-side of each photo links to the same step; For example, Photo 3 is for Step 3.


  1. Open the App (if it is not already installed on your smartphone device - click here )
  2. Make sure to authorize Apollo to use your Bluetooth and GPS
  3. Choose the option ''Sign Up with Email'' and create an account 
  4. Connect your account to your scooter. Make sure the scooter is turned on and within 6 feet
  5. Now, it's time to input the serial number of your scooter. It should start with your scooter model name followed by a series of 7 numbers (e.g. Air******* or Airpro*******)
    It is extremely important to enter the correct serial number, as the specs of the remaining range and the speedometer is based on the serial number provided. It will also help our Customer Service Team if you ever have a problem with your scooter. If you are having issues finding or entering your scooter's serial # - click here 
  6. Now, inspect your scooter and make sure everything is fine. If you see a problem, please click on ''There is a problem with my scooter'' and report it to our customer service team. If you don't see any problems and want to go to the next steps, click on ''Everything is fine''
  7. Now, it's time to setup a code for your scooter to ensure that you will be the only one able to control it. ***This password is not accessible by our team, so please make sure to put a code that you will remember. You will be able to change it in the setting of the app.
  8. The next and final step will be to rename your scooter. 
    You will be able to 
    change the name in the settings of the app at a later time if desired. To see how - click here
  9. You will then be guided through a safety video, you will not be able to go to the next step until you have watched it in its entirety - safety first!
  10. There will be 3-slides showing you how to operate the basic functions of your scooter. 
  11. Voilà! You are all set! You can now enjoy our app! 


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