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What to do if I can't find their serial number to set up the Apollo App with my scooter?Updated 2 years ago

To complete the set up process of the Apollo App,  you will need to enter your scooter's serial number found under the outside of the deck of your scooter. 

It will need to be entered with respect to a specific letter order for the app to adapt to the model's battery and speed. 

For example, here is how the Serial number should start for the following models:
Air= Air XXX
Air Pro = AirPro XXX

If you cannot locate the serial number on your scooter, 

please reach out to our customer support team by Live Chat on our website or by email at [email protected] 

and an A-Team agent will help you out!

Consult this article to see which scooters are compatible with the app: https://apollo-help-center.gorgias.help/en-US/which-scooters-are-compatible-with-the-apollo-app-37475

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