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How to input a new serial number (Phantom V3 Kit compatibility)Updated a year ago

This card is specifically for Phantom owners who are having trouble adding their PHANTOM serial number to the app.


If a customer cannot successfully connect the app to their Phantom scooter with their current serial number, chances are they are using the barcode number instead of the actual Serial Number of their Phantom. In version 3.x of the Apollo App, the Phantom's serial numbers are now officially supported. 

The Serial Number can be found underneath the deck of the Phantom (side facing the ground) however, unlike other Apollo scooters, the Phantom serial number is the top-most number on the label. For reference, the City's barcode also happens to be its Serial Number. On the Phantom, this is not the case and the barcode is NOT the Serial Number.

As shown in the image below, please use the top number of the label, typically starting with "Pha", "PhaH", "PhaH60V" or "5332" as the prefix. Be sure to include the letters "Pha" (or whichever prefix you have) when you type in the SN to the app.


Once you have correctly entered the Phantom Serial Number, you will be able to proceed and add your scooter to the Apollo App. 

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