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What does the Red Dot mean in the App? (Firmware Update Guide)Updated 2 years ago

You might see a red dot on the bottom of your screen or your scooter list. This simply means that there is a software update available for your scooter. 

  1. To download this new update, you can go on the dashboard page
  2. Click on the account Icon on the bottom right. 
  3. Click on ''My scooters''
  4. Click on the scooter you are connected to
  5. Click on the firmware tab, which should have a red dot. 
  6. Download the update
  7. Click on ''Install'' to update it to your scooter. 

 IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU STAY CLOSE TO THE SCOOTER, DO NOT TURN OFF THE APP OR THE SCOOTER, AND WAIT FOR THE UPDATE TO FINISH.  If something happens, and the scooter is ''Brick'', there will be a ''P'' letter on the screen and the scooter will be frozen indefinitely. To fix this, simply reconnect to the scooter, and redo the updates.

App update.jpg

App update 2.jpg

Note: If the App doesn't not let you install the available update to your scooter, this can mean that your scooter model is already as updated as it can be. But, for any questions/help, you can reach out to our customer support team !

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