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Error Codes

Error Codes (Light, City 21', Explore, Pro 2020 & Ghost)

Below you will find the list of possible error codes for the models : Light, City (2021), Explore, Pro (2020), Ghost. E-00 No Error/Normal Status. Error Code : If E-00 is reported, a glitch in the system has occured or an error code is cleared and th

Error Codes (Apollo Air, Air Pro, City 2022)

Error Codes  for the Apollo Air / Apollo Air Pro / Apollo City 2022 Models. E1/F1 Brake Error. Error Code : If E1/F1 is reported, the brake handle, regen throttle or it's connections could be experiencing a communication fault. Solution 1 : Check whe

Error Code list for QSS4 Display Display

Please note: this list is only compatible with the Apollo Light, City(2021 and older), Explore, Ghost, Pro 52V/60V, Ultra. 0- Normal status1- Keep2- Brake3- Not implemented4- 6Km/H cruise5- Real-Time Cruise6- Battery Under voltage7- Motor fault 8- Tu

Error 06 - (All scooters except Air, Air Pro & City 2022)

If you encounter an E06 message on your display, this is simply an indicator that your battery is nearly empty and needs to be charged.    If your battery clearly still has enough charge left, but you're still seeing the error message, it could be th

Error 07 (Apollo Light or City 2021)

If you have an Apollo Light or Apollo City and encounter an Error 07 code on your display, not to worry, this is usually a very simple solution.    Start by locating the motor wire connection on the rear left side of the scooter (when facing forward

Error 08 (Light, City 21, Explore, Pro 2020, Ghost)

If you experience a E08 error code, it is triggered when the throttle sends wrong or no signal back to the controller. Solution 1 : Please verify the back of your throttle to see the throttle magnet is still present on your unit. If the magnet is pre

Error 10 on QSS4 Display

If you have an Apollo Scooter with a standard trigger or thumb throttle display, and encounter an Error 10 code, there are a couple different potential culprits.    First, check the back of your throttle to ensure the silver magnet piece is still att