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Error 10 on QSS4 DisplayUpdated a year ago

If you have an Apollo Scooter with a standard trigger or thumb throttle display, and encounter an Error 10 code, there are a couple different potential culprits. 


First, check the back of your throttle to ensure the silver magnet piece is still attached as pictured below:




If the piece is missing, please email our support team immediately with a picture of the throttle missing the piece, and we will send you a replacement part right away.


If the piece is still there, and you are still seeing the Error code, please inspect the communication wire (the wire attached to the throttle, from inside the stem) for any damage. Gently pull on the wire from the top of the stem first, and then check from the base of the stem. 

If there is no visible damage to the communication wire we will send you a replacement throttle to see if that fixes the issue, as this is usually due to a faulty throttle. 

If there is visible damage to the communication wire, this will likely require a replacement wire and a repair service. 

In either situation, please take photos of your throttle and communication wire, and send it to our support team for the next steps, through the chat option or by emailing us at [email protected] 

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]

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