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Brake Adjustment on the Apollo Phantom (Mechanical or Hydraulic Brakes)

This video guide demonstrates how to adjust the mechanical brakes on the Apollo Phantom.  Note: The techniques demonstrated here are not applicable to the hydraulic version of the Phantom. If you have any questions, please submit a request!

Apollo Phantom: How to Replace the Charging Port

This video guides you through how to replace the charging port on the Apollo Phantom. Please note that this guide is for the Phantom specifically, and is not applicable to our other models. If you have any questions, please submit a request!

Apollo Phantom advanced settings list

For information on how to access and adjust the advanced/P-settings on your Apollo Phantom, please watch the below video and find the list of all functions:     To access your advanced settings, hold the Up and Down arrows on your command center for

How to Replace the Phantom Stem Bolt

A copy of these instructions may be found in the Phantom Instruction Manual. To replace the Phantom Stem Bolt:.