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What is a Pre-Approved Repair Budget?Updated 7 months ago

As of November 16th, 2023, we have introduced an updated version of our General Terms & Conditions, featuring a new section titled "Pre-Approved Budget for Repairs."

This section reads: 

  1. Pre-approved budget for repairs
    1. Apollo Scooters reserves the right to perform general repairs under a value of $150 USD without explicit permission from the Customer. By sending a Scooter for repair Apollo Scooters is allowed to execute a repair within this assumed pre-approved repair budget.
    2. If a Customer agrees to a quote above the pre-approved budget for repairs during the servicing process, Apollo Scooters is allowed to execute a repair within that pre-approved budget.
    3. If the costs for the repair exceed the approved budget, Apollo Scooters will contact the Customer for approval of the new quotation before continuing the repair.
    4. If the Customer does not agree to a pre-approved repair budget, Apollo Scooters will always contact the customer and get approval for the (new) quotation before continuing the repair. If the Customer does not approve of the budget, Apollo Scooters will not repair the Scooter and will return it at Customer’s cost. 

If your scooter requires repair, you can follow the steps outlined here

Customizable Pre-Approved Repair Budget:

Within the Repair Form, you now have the option to select a different pre-approved repair budget, with a maximum limit of $500. It's important to note that selecting a higher budget does not imply that you will be invoiced for that amount or that the repair will cost as much; rather, it signifies that our team will not contact you for additional approval up to the specified value. Once the repair is completed, you will receive an invoice reflecting the actual cost of the repair.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at [email protected], or start a Live Chat using the Smart Assistant. 

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