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Do we offer financing?

Yes, we currently work with two financing companies to help make purchases easier. We currently offer: (1) Paybright financial services to give you the option of financing your electric scooter over 12, 18 or 24 months! Interest rates depend on your

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept all the following payment methods:  Visa credit/debit Mastercard credit/debit American Express credit/debit Google Pay Shop Pay Discover (USA only) Paybright (Canada only) Sezzle (Canada and USA) For any additional questions, submit a req

What currency are our prices in?

If you're based in the United States and the website you're on is www.apolloscooters.co,  prices are in American Dollars.   If you're in Canada however, and the website URL is www.apolloscooters.ca, prices are in Canadian Dollars.   Any additional qu

How can I finance a scooter in the US?

We've partnered with Sezzle to help customers in the US finance their scooters. Sezzle offers 4, interest-free, payments over a period of 6 weeks, as well as other payment plans (helps break down the high cost of an electric scooter over a period of

How can I finance a scooter in Canada?

We've partnered with Affirm and Sezzle to help customers in Canada finance their scooters. Both options offer a variety of payment plans (which helps break down the high cost of an electric scooter over a period of time).Below we break down the steps

Cannot process payment: Card declined/Zip Code does not match

When performing a large purchase ($1000+), it can be normal for a payment to not go through on the first try. If you're attempting to make a purchase and are experiencing your card being declined or that your zip codes do not match, then follow these

I purchased a scooter, and now there's a sale, can I redeem the sale offer?

This depends on the status of your scooter and the time in which it was purchased- some scooters may be received, in-transit or on pre-order. Please read carefully below for each scenario regarding our policy - as mentioned below,   Received: If your