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Apollo City 2022

City 2022 Flat Tire Troubleshooting - Tire not holding air

Reason 1 (out-of-the-box): The tire was not filled or was unseated during shipping (the tire moved enough that the air got out). Steps:. Reason 2: The rim/motor has a hairline fracture that is letting air out. Steps:. Reason 3: The air valve could be

How to adjust the drum brakes on the Apollo City/City Pro 2022

This guide will go over how to perform adjustments on your Apollo City/City Pro 2022's drum brakes. This is part of general maintenance that you will have to perform occasionally.If your brand-new unit's brakes are rubbing/scraping out of the box, th

How to adjust the suspension on the Apollo City/City Pro 2022

To adjust the suspension on the City 2022 / City 2022 Pro, this can be done by tightening/loosening the bolt located at the bottom of the springs. When adjusting the rear suspension it is best to be aware of how much you are turning each bolt to ensu