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City 2022 Flat Tire Troubleshooting - Tire not holding airUpdated 6 months ago

We are sorry if you landed here because one of the tires on your City 2022 is not holding air. On the City 2022, there are a couple of reasons why the tire would be flat. Let's go over these together to get you back on the road asap!

Reason 1 (out-of-the-box): The tire was not filled or was unseated during shipping (the tire moved enough that the air got out).


  1. Remove any excess air and press on the top and bottom of the tire to seal it against the rim
  2. Inflate the tire with an air pump (preferably electric like this one or another higher-force air pump).
  3. If that doesn't work refer to Reason 2.

Reason 2: The rim/motor has a hairline fracture that is letting air out.


  1. Inflate the tire and spray some soapy water all over the tire to determine if that is indeed the case. The soapy water will bubble up if there is an air leak. 
  2. If that doesn't work refer to Reason 3.

Reason 3: The air valve could be faulty.


  • If the tire can be inflated but when you move the air valve slightly the air comes out, the air valve is most likely the issue

In all three of these cases, we recommend that you reach out to our customer service team at [email protected] for assistance in getting this resolved.

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