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Why was the toolkit removed from my order?

We currently only have toolkits available for the Apollo Phantom. Though, all scooters by default do come with a multitool for the initial setup and small adjustments. This multitool is pictured below: Because the toolkit is only compatible with and

When will the Mercane Widewheel Pro be back in stock again?

Unfortunately, we will not be bringing back the Mercane scooters as we are moving towards our own proprietary lineup of Apollo branded scooters such as our new Apollo Air's, Air Pro's and Phantom.The Mercane was a great scooter in a lot of ways, but

Promotional/Coupon Code Troubleshooting

Here at Apollo, we run a vast majority of our promotional codes as accessory bonuses. This guide will help you figure out where to enter your promotional code and potentially why your code isn't working.   (1) Where to enter your promotional code? Du

How To See What's Currently In Stock

It's in your best interest to know whether or not an item is in stock before purchasing it. This guide will show you how to tell whether or not a particular item is in stock.   FOR SCOOTERS: Check the shipping date If a scooter is in stock, it will b

When will my pre-order ship?

We do our absolute best here at Apollo to forecast and get your scooter to you as quick as possible, but with unforeseen circumstances, being out of stock temporarily can arise. When we run out of a particular model of scooter or when we launch a new

My promo/preorder/referral code doesn't work!

Our promo codes, whether for referral codes or preorder bonuses, generally apply to any accessory, upgrade, or spare parts! Make sure you have one or more of these types of items in your cart before checking out to have your promo code validated. If

Open Box & Refurbished Models

Apollo does, on occasion, list models for purchase that are open-box or refurbished. Here is how our team categorizes these models:   Open-Box:  Open box scooters are returned goods. We inspect every unit and ensure it is in proper working condition.

Apollo Test Drive Locations

We are now offering Test Rides to our customers for free!. If you are interested in trying an Apollo Scooter, click on your city below book your Test Ride. If you don't see your city, unfortunately we are not yet offering Test Rides near you, but mor

Pre-Order Scooters

Pre-orders offer you the opportunity to secure a future unit of the product you've been eagerly waiting for, even if it's currently out of stock. This means that you won't miss out on owning the scooter you've set your sights on. We know how exciting