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What is the Apollo Protection Plan?Updated 2 years ago

The Apollo Protection plan is being phased out as of November 1st, 2022. The Protection Plan will be honoured for customers who purchased before November 1st, 2022. Starting on November 1st, 2024 Apollo will no longer be accepting any more claims for the Protection Plan and it will be officially phased out.

All Apollo Scooters ("scooters”) purchased directly from Apollo are covered by the Apollo Protection Plan against wear & tear issues for a period of two years (24 months), starting on the day the scooter is received by the customer. This protection plan coverage is only applicable in the following circumstances:

Apollo Protection Plan only covers the following components: 

- Brake pads

- Inner tubes and tires

- Fenders

The components are free of charge, however the customer is responsible for the shipping charge of $20US or $25CAD (this is a standard fee which applies to most of North America, but it can be more for remote locations - contact our support team before purchase for more info)

Customers are limited to 2 inner tubes or tires per month and 2 brake pad sets every 500KM

The shipping fee is waived if a flat tire, tire defect or faulty brake pads are detected and reported in the first 30 days of receipt or first 10km of usage (whichever occurs first)

Only the original purchaser (name listed on the shipping address) is entitled to the limited warranty coverage which commences on the day the scooter is received by the customer. The protection plan period is terminated when the product exceeds the 24 month period, is resold or transferred to another individual (protection plan is by no means transferable under any circumstances)

Any Apollo scooter purchased from one our retail partners will not be eligible for the Apollo Protection Plan coverage.

Submitting a claim

To submit an Apollo Protection Plan claim, start a chat with our team below or email [email protected]

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