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What is included with the purchase of an Apollo Scooter?Updated a year ago

When you purchase an Apollo Scooter, you generally receive a charger, a basic multi-tool, and an instructions manual included in the box with your scooter.

  • The multi-tool includes a set of basic Allen keys to be used for the initial set-up adjustments. It is not recommended to use these for maintenance and repair purposes. 
    • Phantom Toolkits are sold separately in our accessories website section. 
  • The instructions manual provides basic information about your scooter. More detailed manuals for each scooter can be found under the Owner Tools section of our support page. 
  • Scooter set-up videos are also found for each of our scooters on our YouTube channel.

By purchasing a new scooter, you also get a 12-Month Warranty + automatic enrolment in Apollo QC+. Full details about our warranty policy can be consulted here:

 For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]

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