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My order says shipped and I have a tracking number, but it says "waiting for pick-up", is this normal?Updated 2 years ago

After our fulfillment team creates a shipping label and puts it on your scooter's box, it is picked up by one of our couriers and brought to a sorting facility. Due to the volume we operate with, our couriers palletize our packages while transporting them to the facility. At the sorting facility, the packages are de-palletized and scanned. Once scanned and uploaded on to the courier's system, the shipping process to you commences.

There are times that our pallets of products stay in the sorting facility for an additional 24-48 hours waiting to be scanned and sent out. Unfortunately this is out of our control. If your shipping label has been created and a tracking number has been sent to you, rest assured, this means your unit will be out of the Apollo doors within 24 hours and is on the way. From here, the best way to track your delivery is via the tracking number provided to you.

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]

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