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I need to return my scooter but I don't have the original box and packaging anymoreUpdated 2 years ago

Unfortunately, we only accept returns and exchanges with the original box and packaging.

If you do not have the original packaging, your scooter will be ineligible for return, exchange, and Apollo QC+ Service.

We strongly recommend that you keep the original packaging for this reason. 

In the future, if your scooter needs repair or maintenance, you will also be required to ship the scooter back to us with the original packaging. For repairs, our team can assist you with sending a new box for a fee. In this case, you will be responsible for any damage and additional repair costs incurred during shipping to our repair centres. 

Please refer to the full Return & Cancellation Policy here. 

Please refer to the full Limited Warranty Policy here for more information on repair shipping. 

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