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Error 06 - (All scooters except Air, Air Pro & City 2022)Updated a year ago

If you encounter an E06 message on your display, this is simply an indicator that your battery is nearly empty and needs to be charged. 

 If your battery clearly still has enough charge left, but you're still seeing the error message, it could be that your battery voltage shut-off setting is too high. 


To correct this you will need to access your Advanced settings and change the P15 setting. This setting controls when the scooter will shut off if the battery level gets too low. 


While the scooter is on, press and hold the 'Power' and 'Mode' buttons together for 2-3 seconds until the screen changes. 

Press the 'Power' button to switch between settings until you reach P15, and use the 'Mode' button to adjust the P15 setting accordingly. 

The recommended shut-off setting range for each battery size is as follows:

  • 48V battery (Apollo Light & City): 39V (or 41V for extra protection)
  • 52V battery (Apollo Explore, Ghost, 52V Pro or Phantom): 42V (or 44V for extra protection)
  • 60V battery (60V Pro or Phantom variants): 49V (or 50V for extra protection)

If your settings are correctly set and you are still facing this error code, please send us an email or start a live chat.

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]

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