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How do I adjust the suspension on the Ghost?

There are two ways to adjust the suspension springs on the Ghost! This article will outline the steps needed to adjust the suspensions.   1) The suspensions have a hex screw above the springs that can be used to loosen or tighten the suspension with

How to Replace the Charging Port on the Apollo Ghost

This video below demonstrates how to replace the charging port on the Apollo Ghost. Please note that this guide is for our Ghost model only - if you have any questions or need further guidance please submit a request.

Brake Adjustment on the Apollo Ghost (Mechanical or Hydraulic Brakes)

Adjusting your brakes is an essential part of the maintenance you will need to do on your Apollo Ghost. When the time comes that you need to adjust your brakes on the Apollo Ghost, this will video will cover everything you need to know.      If you

How to Replace the Key Ignition on the Apollo Ghost

This video demonstrates how to replace the key ignition on the Apollo Ghost. Note: The techniques demonstrated in this video may be applicable to other scooter models. If you have any questions, please submit a request!

How to Replace the Kickstand on the Apollo Ghost

This live repair video guides you through how to replace the kickstand on the Apollo Ghost. It also demonstrates how to install a reinforcing bracket for the kickstand with our kickstand fix fit. The kit shown in the video is only available to custo

How to Change the Rear Motor on the Apollo Ghost

This video guides you through how to change the rear motor on the Apollo Ghost. The same steps and technique are applicable to motor changes on the Apollo Pro as well.   If you have any questions about this process, please submit a request right awa