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Apollo Explore 2020-21

Apollo Explore Fender Removal/Installation

This guide will show you how to replace the Apollo Explore’s fender if it’s broken or defective.   You will need the following tools for this repair: Phillip's head screwdriver   STEP 1: Locate the fender screws The Explore’s fender is secured with

How To Replace the Stem Lights on the Apollo Explore

This live repair video guides you through how to replace the stem lights on the Apollo Explore. This guide also applies to the Apollo City. This is a fairly advanced procedure, and we do not recommend it for beginners. If you have any questions, ple

Apollo Explore Brake Adjustment Tutorial Video

This video guide demonstrates how to perform a brake adjustment at home on the Apollo Explore. Note: Before attempting a brake adjustment (especially in the case of weak braking), be sure determine that simpler adjustments or fixes, such as adjustin