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Apollo Air Display FunctionsUpdated a year ago

Our goal with the Apollo Air was to bring a scooter to our lineup that was intuitive and simple to use, which is exactly what we did. On this display, you will find one simple button that offers a variety of features.

 Here is a list of how to access these features.


Long Press (3 seconds): Power on/ Power off

Short Press: Change the speed level
- No colour (Level 1) - max speed = 6km/hr

- Green S (Level 2) - max speed = 18 km/hr

- Red S (Level 3) - max speed = 25 km/hr

Two successive short presses: Switch the front and rear lights on/off

Three successive short presses: Activate/deactivate "Cruise: mode.

Eight successive short presses: Access the list of P-settings
- P1 = cruise control on/off
- P2 = speed unit (MPH/KM)
- P3 = Kick to start mode

To cycle through these settings, simply press on your brake lever. To change the actual value within one P-setting, simply press on your throttle.


If you have any other questions concerning these functions feel free to reach out to our A-Team at [email protected]




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