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What is Apollo QC+ Service?Updated a year ago

Apollo QC+ Service was launched on November 1st, 2022 and as of this date replaces the Apollo Protection Plan on all new orders as of this date. For orders placed before November 1st, 2022, please refer to the Apollo Protection Plan section.

For defects that occur within the first 10km or within the first 30 days (errors out of the box), customers can return the scooter for a new replacement scooter under Apollo’s free guarantee, subject to Apollo QC+ Service Terms and Conditions:

US: Apollo QC+ Service Terms and Conditions

Canada: Apollo QC+ Service Terms and Conditions

If your scooter faces a manufacturing defect after 30 days or 10km (whichever comes first), Apollo will not replace the scooter with a new unit. Apollo will service the scooter under our limited warranty if it is covered.

If it is determined that your scooter is covered under Apollo QC+ Service, you will first need to ship the defective scooter back to Apollo before we send your replacement scooter. We will create a shipping label for you free of charge and will ship your replacement as soon as it is confirmed that the defective scooter has been shipped back to us.

The default resolution for accepted QC+ claims is replacement.

Refunds will only be offered if the same model of scooter is out of stock at the time of the claim. 

We require that you ship the scooter in the original box and packaging. If you do not have original packaging, your scooter will not be eligible for return. If you package the scooter incorrectly and it arrives damaged, your return will not be accepted.

NOTE: Apollo QC+ Service includes all components of the scooter, with the exception of specific parts including tires and inner tubes.

Apollo QC+ is part of the 12 month limited warranty and subject to the same terms & conditions outlined here.

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